Stone Cold, 2013

In collaboration with Karen Gimle

Installation view from Tag Team Studio, Bergen

Natural stone

Stone Cold

Karen Gimle & Gunnhild Torgersen

Tag Team Studio, 2013

Du trodde kanskje dette

var alt.

Vi skal skru deg

ned gjennom deg selv;

du skal si det

steinene vet

på norsk.

-Tor Ulven

To question building boundaries. Working together on making stability in order to avoid collapse. But what each one builds inevitably creates blockages. And so we build something that should be torn down.

Gunnhild Torgersen and Karen Gimle`s work is based on a dialog where they investigate borders and barriers; physical, political, and social. In performative actions they engage with materials such as wood and stones, using the items' own symbolism and history, thoughts of decay and decomposition both linguistic and material.

In the exhibition Stone Cold at Tag Team they conduct a site-specific installation where physically demanding actions lead to a mutual structure that defines the venue and where the coherence of the work in construction is contrary to the misanthropic importance of building boundaries. In the exhibition their own sculptural and photographic works interact with each other and throw into question the function and intention of the constructed barrier.