Rest Piece (Stone Cold II), 2015

In collaboration with Karen Gimle

Granite, stainless steel


AiR and outdoor exhibition, initiated by Gunnhild Torgersen and Karen Gimle

Gamle Ormelet Art and Culture Centre, Tjøme.

11.06.2015 - 001.09.2015

Anne Guro Larsmon (NO/USA), Olof Nimar (SE), Lene Baadsvig (NO), Rene Haustein (DE), Inga Krüger (DE), Gisa Pantel (DK), Synnøve G Wetten (NO), Mathias Kristersson (SE), Ingrid Eggen (NO), Ihra Lill Scharning (NO), Karen Gimle (NO), Gunnhild Torgersen (NO).

You are by the forest, the wavy sea, by the gas-station, by the one and only supermarket, by the tall bridge to another small island, close to the end of the world. Here the nature is present as wild and powerful, but yet reorganized as controlled and restricted. The trees, the ocean, the free is everywhere, but less existing in the society around. Island Fever, the realization that you are stuck on which ever island you are living and not going anywhere. The island is physically separated from the mainland. But the isolation is also present in how individuals are shielding from situations not affecting them directly, and how passivity is defended by isolation. Power structures acts in a micro perspective, zooming in is also a way of zooming out. The flow of information and peoples motion across countries and nations generates a larger understanding, but also an increasing need of control and limitation. Power shifts and moves. Boundaries are both physical and imaginary, constructed with an idea of need and necessity. Borders are built and withdrawn, decomposition can happen when the need of withholding no longer exists. 

Island fever is an outdoor exhibition in the area surrounding Gamle Ormelet Art and Culture Centre at Tjøme, interacting with the landscape and the local community. Tjøme is an island in Vestfold, also known for the nature reserve "The end of the world" at the south peak of the island. The project is initiated by Karen Gimle and Gunnhild Torgersen, and the exhibition is a result of a two week mini-residency at Gamle Ormelets AiR studio, based on process related work, collaboration and dialogues between the participating artists.

Text: G. Torgersen and K. Gimle